Behavior Management Strategies for A Montessori Preschool Child

It’s not easy to discipline a 4 -year-old child, you may face many challenges in getting your little one follows the rules. Preschoolers often demand more freedom than required. Though children at this age may vary in terms of their growth, some kids showcase an incredible skill to abide by the rules.  In the comparison of their younger peers, many of them are aware of the negative aspects and consequences. However, that doesn’t prevent them from crossing their limits and ignoring the regulations. Also, many Kinder Care Kindergarten and preschool going children often face difficulties to deal with distressing emotions such as disappointment, boredom, and anger. Their emotional disturbance often causes misbehaviour in them.

Stop behavior issues before time

You should try to stop child’s behavior issues before they begin. Montessori preschool going kids often face challenges to manage their actions when they are overwhelmed, overtired or hungry. Thus, pack food, make them rest properly and plan outdoors when your kid is in the best mood. It will help him to stay happy everytime.

You should set a daily routine to help your baby understand what is your expectation from him all through the day.

Make clear rules

Create proper house rules that are easy to follow for your child. Make sure you have included all necessary issues you want to resolve. Children in KinderCare kindergarten like to learn to dress themselves and to eat food independently. A kid needs to learn what kind of actions is socially correct in a particular environment.

Appreciate good behavior

Do not ignore your child’s right actions, instead, point it out and say a few words of praise. It will help him to be encouraged and sustain his excellent work.

Neglect Mild Misbehavior

Overlooking mild misbehaviour sometimes can be an excellent way to decrease irrational and irritating behaviors of your child. Whenever it happens, you should pretend that nothing has happened and look the other way.

When he stops, give him instant attention again. It will allow your kid to understand that begging, throwing tantrums and whining aren’t good ways to draw your attention.

Primanti Montessori school is a Whittier, CA-based Montessori school offering many educational programs for all age groups of children. Primanti’s learning courses include kindergarten, Montessori day care, Montessori preschool, Middle School Program, elementary school, student exchange programs and summer programs. The school focuses on both physical, intellectual, social and mental development of a child.


Types Of Summer Programs For Children

Summer program plays a significant role in a child’s physical and mental growth. It’s an excellent platform for kids to get to know more about themselves, improve their social abilities and grow their self-confidence. In summer camps, various activities keep children engaged and also help them to make new friends and develop new skills. Creative and physical activities are also a part of learning programs in preschools in Whittier. Here are a few common types of summer programs for children in schools.


Summer camps with art subjects help young students to practice their craft while meeting and communicating with peers with same interests. Most of these artistic programs run for many weeks. Activities like painting, sketching, and the drawing will help your child to grow his art skills. Along with these programs, other popular art classes include debate, dance, and music. These kinds of activities are liked by children in Montessori daycare as well.

Traditional Summer Camp

Summer camps are not intended to teach students about a specific skill, but they are meant to entertain a child. Most of these programs provide overnight stay for kids from 2 to 4 weeks. All the activities revolve around the outdoors that include hiking, outdoor education, boating, and swimming. At night, participants get together around a bonfire and share their stories, play games and perform skits.


These types of summer programs are designed to assist young athletes in enhancing their skills in any particular sport. Many Montessori schools offer these programs to help the child grow physically and socially. These sports include soccer, basketball, baseball, and football. Since physical activities are essential for small kids as well, many preschools in Whittier offer several kinds of recreation classes for kids.


Educational activities are intended for kids who are willing to have command on particular favorite subjects. In some camps, students have to follow strict schedules after a busy day of classes. Other kinds of educational summer camps offer a little non-traditional learning method. The most preferred camps for education courses are language, science, and technology. Primanti Montessori school is a prominent Montessori school based in Whittier, CA. The school provides a number of learning courses for whole development of a kid’s personality including physical, social, intellectual and emotional. Primanti offers an extensive range of educational programs that include Montessori daycare, kindergarten, Middle School Program, summer program, elementary school and an international student program.

How To Get Involved in Your Child’s Education

parent-helping-with-homeworkEfficient parenting can help a child to grow all the important skills and find all the vital resources needed to succeed in the school, outside the school, and for the entire life. All in all, parents with great parenting methods can help their child to be a successful person in the future. Parents can grow their skills related to parenting and taking great care of their child by learning about their child’s development. Parents can learn more effective techniques of parenting through parenting classes and workshops. They can also take the help of online articles and magazines and access trusted websites.

Involvement With School And Teachers

Communication with your child’s school staff and teachers is very important for the right parent involvement. This is the best way to find out about the happenings and academic development in your child’s life at school. Never miss any parents-teachers meeting and back to school socials as these events help in establishing good communication.

Learning at Home

Parents can extend the learning process for their child at the home to by providing homework help and many other ways in daily life. They can provide moral storybooks and age-appropriate books to their children, it can help a child keep up with their learning programs at home too.

Encourage Proper Dietary Habits and Sleep

The basic habits of healthy foods and proper sleep make people feel good and relaxed. It’s very important your child get proper food, sleep and exercise to grow a healthy body and mind. Lack of sleep can cause stress and tiredness. Stressed children are often worried and uninspired as they drain themselves with anxiety, but physical activity and workout will boost the energy and decrease worry.

Primanti Montessori school, a Whittier school offers a wide range of educational programs for children of different age groups. These programs include preschool-kindergarten, middle school, elementary school and after-school daycare. The school is also known for offering Whittier tech summer camp with creative and knowledge-based fun activities including field trips, and STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) programs.

Physical Activities at Summer Day Camp

Physical Activities at Summer Day CampPulling children away from gadgets and getting them to involve in physical activities is not a big trouble for parents who enroll their kids to after school activities or summer programs. It’s because summer camps provide a wide range of physical actions that are planned to keep little ones moving in an enjoyable outdoor environment.

Build Healthy and Strong Friendship with Common Camp Games

Physical health is pleasurable when workout or sports involved some buddies. Summer camps offer all the equipment and supervision that children need to join in an unplanned game. Friendly and gracious competitions promote friendship together with a notion that physical movement is only basic fun.

Fitness with Swimming Skills

Regular swimming classes teach children with essential protection skills as well as giving them a pleasing method to stay healthy.  However, summer camps ensure that swimming sessions never get unexciting and dull by offering numerous methods for a student to swim.

Encourage a Constant Relaxation with Tennis and Golf Lessons

Summer camps provide an array of programs all through the school year. However, they tend to present several additional courses to give children a new approach to spend their long summer days. Sports such as tennis and golf allow students to grow innovative interests that will be for a lifetime once they get matured. These kinds of sports also stimulate muscle and cardiovascular growth, which boosts all other activities a kid enjoy in their free time.

Nurture better Health with Gardening and Climbing the Walls

Gardening also boosts constructive psychological health and assists kids discover more about nature and the environment. At summer camps, specific equipment including rope courses and rock climbing walls give children a secure place to take risks.

Primanti Montessori School is known for offering creative summer programs in Whittier, CA. The school provides many programs such as KinderCare, Preschool – Kindergarten, before and after school activities and international student program.

Characteristics of a Good Elementary School Teacher

Characteristics of a Good Elementary School TeacherParents have the biggest influence on a child’s life. The next significant strength a kid comes across is his elementary school teacher. An educator has the skills to impact the direction that a kid will pick in life. His guidance also decides a child’s good or bad path that he will be taking in the future.

For that reason, people who pick the job of a teacher have a really big liability. This responsibility is about shaping a kid’s future and life. An elementary school teacher needs to have some special personality, traits and character.


More than anything else, a teacher needs to have an extremely high patience level when dealing with children. Patience with children starts with the understanding that they are yet in the process of learning, growing and developing. Being patient with students is an integral part of assisting them nurture and study.


An elementary school teacher should have a positive attitude that holds out the expectation for even the most difficult or slowest learner. Optimism is the dissimilarity between an elementary school educator who give up and an elementary school teacher who keeps on trying with a positive attitude for a longer time. Optimism is contagious that means your confidence and hopefulness as a teacher will encourage your students to be optimistic and positive.


Patience may vanish after sometimes, joyfulness may be challenged, hopefulness may be reduced at some point but determination will always work. While patience, optimism, and expectation are rosy-colored qualities with pleasant sounds, determination or willpower has a sturdy border to it. A determination is rough, hard, rugged, and often repulsive, but it is essential. It will aid to get you handle tougher situations, allowing confidence and patience to grow once again.


It’s an aptitude to have a smile on your face and keep your spirits high. It is about keeping your head up when things are not well around you. You keep your approach positive and hope for the best rather than running away from the current situation or being angry and frustrated.

Primanti Montessori school is known for its amazing learning environment and caring teachers. The school is also a popular choice for parents when it comes to finding a kindercare in Whittier CA. Along with the preschool program, middle school and elementary school, Primanti also take care of overall growth of a child. For that reason, the school holds tech summer camp for students from all grades.

Summer Camps for Kids

Summer Camps for KidsSummer is a time that every child eagerly waits for. It brings holidays, rest and lots of fun for the children. It’s totally a parent’s wish how they want their kids to spend summer time. Some parents as well as kids want to make the most of this holiday season by learning something creative. Some private schools organize creative or tech summer camp for their students, providing new learning opportunities for them. A number of options are available there when it comes to summer camps.

Why should you send your child to a summer camp ?

Learning new Skills

A summer camp can offer your child a wide range of different activities and challenges that he has never tried before, thus the kid will discover new skills and maybe even grow new hobbies. Whether it’s physical, rational or communication skills., this is an excellent way to know and discover one’s likes and dislikes or interests.

New Friends

Many children who attend a summer program may not know everyone there and it will give them an opportunity to get introduced to new kids and make new friends. It will also develop the communication skills in your child.


One of the most important advantages for you and your child is the better independence that your kid will attain from the summer camp. This happens because a child attending a summer camp needs to adapt to new surroundings, a new regulation and taking their decisions.

Widen your Horizon

In a few summer programs and summer camps, children normally come from diverse countries, backgrounds and cultures. So that means, kids will be meeting with many new people from all over the country. Some bigger programs and tech summer camps have children from across the world.

Improved Confidence

Along with the above mentioned benefits, a child will get improved confidence level. Since they start developing new skills, meet new people, make new friends and get new experiences, they’ll grow better way of thinking and learn to deal with different kinds of people. In addition, all these activities and skills will give your child a new experience.

Primanti Montessori school is a well reviewed elementary school in Whittier, CA that offers a wide range of education programs for children. These programs include kinder-care in Whittier, CA, Middle School Program, daycare, preschool, Kindergarten, the Elementary School Program, tech summer camp and International Student Program.

How To Motivate Children To Be Active

summer camps

Children, who suffer from obesity or extra fat on their body are more likely to grow as oversized adults in future. It’s really important for parents to encourage their child to grow healthy habits at a very early stage of life. Here are a few tips to help your child take up a healthy lifestyle.

Fun filled fitness activities

Fitness activities can help your child grow in a healthy way. The best way to follow a healthy and active regime is getting your child enrolled in a Montessori school summer program. Parents can also choose swimming, biking, football and basketball games to encourage their child to get involved in physical activities with joy.

Magical Meals

Healthy mind lives in a healthy body, it’s true. Since kids are a picky eater, parents find it difficult to persuade them to eat healthy. The best way to encourage your child to eat healthy is making the foods look good. Design the food look like a cartoon character, lion or any interesting thing. One more way is to include what your child like with healthy foods. For example, every child loves cheese, you can add some steamed vegetables with cheese, this amazing combo will encourage your child to eat veggies as well.

Reduce Electronics Use

Children spend at least seven hours in a day in watching TV and using many other types of gadgets and smartphones. Their favorite cartoon and games do not let them play or do some physical activities. It’s very important for your kids to follow a healthy routine to avoid a lethargic lifestyle. Once they start enjoying physical exercises and games like swimming, badminton, basketball and other games, they will stop using gadgets.

Be A Role Model

Children model their behavior and activities through individuals who are near to them especially their parents. If you want your child to be healthy and follow a great lifestyle, you need to be prepared for following the same lifestyle. This will inspire your child.

Primanti is not just a Montessori infant daycare but it provides a wide range of learning programs for kids of dissimilar age groups that include preschool,  kindergarten program, elementary school, middle school, summer camps, international student programs and more. Additionally, the school also offers summer camp, programs and activities such as swimming, music, dance, art, tae kwon do, gymnastics, Spanish and computer classes.

Great Preschool in Whittier, CA


Parents look for many things in a preschool and Kindercare so that their child can start education journey with high values and discipline. Parents in Whittier believe that a good preschool should help children to learn through interacting with other kids and using creative materials. Teachers in preschools should also be great with patience, affection, and intelligence to educate a child. They should provide equal care and attention to every child. Of course, outdoor playtime should never be sacrificed for classes and educational lessons, teachers should allow students to run, play and do outdoor activities. So, if you’re searching for a good preschool or kindercare in Whittier area in CA, contact Primanti Montessori school.

Primanti Montessori school – The best Whittier kinder care

There’re a number of schools offering Montessori education to children, but if you really want your child to experience a great and real Montessori school, you must consider Primanti school. Primanti Montessori school has emerged as one of the best preschools in Whittier, CA. Their preschool curriculum is conventionally Montessori, with a great importance in practical life. Here, play-like activities instruct a kid to become independent and self confident.

Primanti Montessori school allows children to do several daily life activities using specially designed materials. These equipment provide them a foundation for difficult learning exercises ahead. The school also incorporates language, reading, writing and mathematics into their curriculum and activities. It provides an excellent daycare with a solid program focusing on a child’s overall growth through play and other activities. Each kid can select from an extensive range of interesting activities, especially intended to train them for kindergarten and upper classes. Kids love the comfortable, home-like atmosphere and the spacious outdoor playground of the school. Parents appreciate the truth that teachers and caregivers take the time to update them on their kid’s progress.

Unique Advantages Of Private Schools

why-primanti-montessori-school-is-right-for-your-familyMany parents today prefer to send their child to private schools rather than public institutes. Private schools are known to provide superior education and better facilities for children. Whether it’s kinder care centers or higher grades. Usually, parents wish to see their child receiving high quality care and education. Private schools in Whittier ensure great environment and educational experience for children. Let’s explore some major advantages of private schools:

Great Academic Opportunities

Private schools set a higher standard of academic opportunities for students. Children, who study in these schools receive customized attention from teachers and accelerated instructions. Usually, in private schools in Whittier, student-teacher ratios are lower than public institutions. These facilities have more rigorous professional and employing requirements for staff, making sure that the faculties have the specialized qualifications compulsory to offer the best teaching for students.

Better Safety

Private schools are more concerned about the safety of their students. As compared to public education centers, private schools report less crime, graffiti and bullying among kids. These institutions usually have stricter disciplinary guidelines to handle infractions and misconduct. These rules assure quick resolution that eliminates such problems before they negatively affect the quality of learning.

Extracurricular Activities

Private schools in Whittier provide more opportunities for extracurricular activities to their students. These institutes add different kinds of programs to their curriculum related to the art and sport giving students more chances to explore their interest and abilities.

The Community Formation

Sending your kid to a private school helps you to join a powerful and cohesive group of families, staff, teachers, and administrators. Several schools encourage and support parents to get involved in the learning procedure. Parent teacher meetings, social events, community service programs and fundraising activities are a few common groups.


As a private school system is often selective and careful, children learn the importance of competition at a very early stage. This will help them to get prepared for the competition when they enter in the real professional world where many people will be competing for the same job.

The Primanti Montessori School is one of the most admired private schools in Whittier that offers an extensive range of academic opportunities and programs for different age groups of children. These programs include infant and toddler day care program, preschool, K-Elementary school, middle school, summer camp and student exchange visa program. The school is considered as the best Whittier kinder care center in CA.

Things To Do In Elementary School Everyday

things-to-do-in-elementary-school-everydayIn Elementary schools children between 6 and 12 years old study and play. Above 6 years old kids start getting interested in knowing the reasons behind everything. They want to learn when, how and why. At this time, they want to interact and socialize with other children. Along with reading, writing, learning languages, Math, History, science, and other subjects there are more activities that they can do in classroom.

This is the simplest thing that a teacher in Elementary school can do to improve their student’s speaking ability. At the beginning of class, the teacher should get one student to recite a poem or read a story.

Reading aloud
Reading aloud is helpful in identifying any missing information and understanding every chapter in a book comprehensively. It will also allow teachers to enhance their student’s reading skills.

Sing a song
According to my view, you can make your students get more interested in attending classes with joy by allowing them to do fun activities like singing. Songs are easily captured by our brain which is why we hum our favorite songs oftentimes. Thus if you want your students to remember a lesson or topic, you can make them learn in song format.

Group presentations
Teachers should motivate students to take place in group presentations to enhance their confidence level. Subjects should be divided according to the age group but presentations should be for all students. This not only teaches teamwork, but presenting as a team has its own unique challenges.

Editing text
Make it a regular plan in your classroom to get students to edit sentences and texts. For different grades, you should use different types of editing methods such as:

  • For 1st grade: Ask students to put a question mark or complete a word.
  • For 2nd grade: You can ask students to complete the whole sentence or write the correct name of anything.
  • For 3rd grade: You can ask them to correct a wrong sentence, and add quotation marks when required and more.