Important Skills For Elementary School Students

elementary-school-studentsDuring elementary school, children learn life skills they’ll use to face challenges ahead of them. And whether your child is in 2nd or 8th grade, he or she should have the right cognitive and social skills to build better friendships and prepare them for their future. Primanti Montessori school focuses on each child’s development, with special emphasis on:

Logical Thinking

Children in third and fourth grade start thinking in a more logical and organized way. They develop an ability to see the bigger picture and perform more complex activities. They love taking on long-term projects and multi-step math problems.

Constructive Criticism

Elementary schoolers are capable of easily criticizing their own work as well as their peer’s performance in a positive way. They learn to share their views about everything that happens around them in the class or at home. Though it can be a bit of a chore to listen to at first, this helps them to identify the strengths and weaknesses in themselves and others.

Handling Emotions

Children start showing a range of emotions. The best thing for them is to express their feelings in a healthy way. In elementary school classes, they’ll have more homework and studying  to do that may leave them frustrated and stressed. With patient guidance, they’ll learn to express their frustration, confusion or other emotions to parents and teachers to get answers that explain what they’re feeling.

Acceptance of Feedback

In elementary school, children learn to accept feedback gracefully and try to change.  In the classroom, children are asked to analyze each other’s tasks and receive feedback in a positive way. This skill is vital for a child’s education so that he or she can improve on his or her class work and testing. It’s also important for your child when building good friendships with their friends.

The Primanti Montessori school, a Whittier international school offers top notch educational programs and support to children. This Whittier elementary school offers a wide range of programs such as an infant and toddler day care program, preschool, K-elementary school, middle school, summer school and an international student program among others.


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