Unique Advantages Of Private Schools

why-primanti-montessori-school-is-right-for-your-familyMany parents today prefer to send their child to private schools rather than public institutes. Private schools are known to provide superior education and better facilities for children. Whether it’s kinder care centers or higher grades. Usually, parents wish to see their child receiving high quality care and education. Private schools in Whittier ensure great environment and educational experience for children. Let’s explore some major advantages of private schools:

Great Academic Opportunities

Private schools set a higher standard of academic opportunities for students. Children, who study in these schools receive customized attention from teachers and accelerated instructions. Usually, in private schools in Whittier, student-teacher ratios are lower than public institutions. These facilities have more rigorous professional and employing requirements for staff, making sure that the faculties have the specialized qualifications compulsory to offer the best teaching for students.

Better Safety

Private schools are more concerned about the safety of their students. As compared to public education centers, private schools report less crime, graffiti and bullying among kids. These institutions usually have stricter disciplinary guidelines to handle infractions and misconduct. These rules assure quick resolution that eliminates such problems before they negatively affect the quality of learning.

Extracurricular Activities

Private schools in Whittier provide more opportunities for extracurricular activities to their students. These institutes add different kinds of programs to their curriculum related to the art and sport giving students more chances to explore their interest and abilities.

The Community Formation

Sending your kid to a private school helps you to join a powerful and cohesive group of families, staff, teachers, and administrators. Several schools encourage and support parents to get involved in the learning procedure. Parent teacher meetings, social events, community service programs and fundraising activities are a few common groups.


As a private school system is often selective and careful, children learn the importance of competition at a very early stage. This will help them to get prepared for the competition when they enter in the real professional world where many people will be competing for the same job.

The Primanti Montessori School is one of the most admired private schools in Whittier that offers an extensive range of academic opportunities and programs for different age groups of children. These programs include infant and toddler day care program, preschool, K-Elementary school, middle school, summer camp and student exchange visa program. The school is considered as the best Whittier kinder care center in CA.


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