Important Skills For Elementary School Students

elementary-school-studentsDuring elementary school, children learn life skills they’ll use to face challenges ahead of them. And whether your child is in 2nd or 8th grade, he or she should have the right cognitive and social skills to build better friendships and prepare them for their future. Primanti Montessori school focuses on each child’s development, with special emphasis on:

Logical Thinking

Children in third and fourth grade start thinking in a more logical and organized way. They develop an ability to see the bigger picture and perform more complex activities. They love taking on long-term projects and multi-step math problems.

Constructive Criticism

Elementary schoolers are capable of easily criticizing their own work as well as their peer’s performance in a positive way. They learn to share their views about everything that happens around them in the class or at home. Though it can be a bit of a chore to listen to at first, this helps them to identify the strengths and weaknesses in themselves and others.

Handling Emotions

Children start showing a range of emotions. The best thing for them is to express their feelings in a healthy way. In elementary school classes, they’ll have more homework and studying  to do that may leave them frustrated and stressed. With patient guidance, they’ll learn to express their frustration, confusion or other emotions to parents and teachers to get answers that explain what they’re feeling.

Acceptance of Feedback

In elementary school, children learn to accept feedback gracefully and try to change.  In the classroom, children are asked to analyze each other’s tasks and receive feedback in a positive way. This skill is vital for a child’s education so that he or she can improve on his or her class work and testing. It’s also important for your child when building good friendships with their friends.

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Ways To Make Montessori Elementary School More Fun

It is true that children learn and study better in a fun environment. Many teachers try to provide several fun activities in their classroom so that students get better educational environment. In Montessori Elementary School, students may face more challenges of study and hmontessori-middle-schoolomework. Remember, when their mind is working, glowing, and carrying out well, learning happens. Here are a few easy ways to include fun in the Montessori Elementary School classes.


Many schools and teachers follow the same study routine for years. The class starts with reviews of previous day’s homework, lectures and finishes with a worksheet. It becomes boring and dull routine for your students. Changing the routine of your class can help children get more engaged in the classroom. Teachers should include activities like educational games, group projects, watching videos and inviting a guest speaker.

Involve all Senses

A good way to add more fun in the classroom is involving all the senses of children while learning. When you are teaching children about any specific country, allow them to smell different aromas and taste the special dishes from the certain nation. Some students learn very well by listening and some children learns by watching. Let your students dance to their favorite tunes. It will increase the fun meter in your Montessori Elementary School classes.

Make Your Expectations Clear

Fun is restrained by several factors. Fun might be inhibited from the deficiency of stimulating movement. The same happens due to the extra stress. Teachers should make their classroom and expectation clear to their students. Allow your students to know about the next day’s plan. If they are aware about the next day’s activity, they will understand what to wait for. Get your students know about the consequences if their homework is not done or in case they are late. Just being capable to calm down will boost the fun aspect in school.

The Primanti Montessori school provides fun and creative atmosphere for learning and education. The school offers a number of educational programs such as Montessori elementary school program, Preschool Program, Middle School Program, toddler daycare program and Summer Program for different age groups of children.

Major Skills Kids Learn In Montessori Elementary School

montessori-elementary-schoolChildren learn continuously in their school, home and other places. Each learning experience creates a chance for kids to obtain important life lessons. Montessori Elementary School  plays an important  role in helping children to grow. This phase of education journey teaches and strengthens skills in a great way. By communicating with each other and getting tender supervision from teachers, children learn important skills and values. Major skills that your kids learn in a Montessori Elementary school are listed below:

Decision Making Skills

When children talk to each other, there are several chances to learn from preferences that are made.  Since they study and play together, they quickly learn to understand adequate behaviors. By playing out in diverse situations and knowing the result of diverse choices, kids discover learning good decision making skills in a safe way.

Helping Others

In a Montessori Elementary school, children are encouraged in helping others. When a student sees his classmate helping someone, it motivates them for the same.

Good Communication Skills

Young students learn to communicate well through lessons, play, songs and other activities. Every day, in a Montessori Elementary school provides innovative opportunities to articulate ideas and convey them to peers and teachers.


Children learn to share their stuffs with other kids.   Activities like drawing and coloring provide opportunities for children to share their crayons or colors. Playing with toys, puzzles and creating blocks also direct to casual lessons on collaborating and sharing. Kids also learn having patience, taking turns, and working in a team.

Increasing Confidence

The classroom setting of a Montessori Elementary school offers various amazing opportunities to attempt new things and stand out. This procedure of trying something new goes on constantly until it reaches to the success point, it is a great way to develop confidence. In addition, Elementary school also offers the chance to add in a noticeable, significant way put up self-confidence.

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How Parents Can Help Kids Do better In School

According to research, children can be more successful in their study and school when their parents are involved in their education. Parents also need to show their interest in learning progress and methods of their kids. However, they must know right method to support their children. Here are a few Don’ts for parents, which they need to mind while helping their child:

Do Not Control Your Child

There is a big difference in supporting and controlling your child. Spot the difference and support your kid in the best way. If he has to search a topic for the project in school, first you should allow him to search on his own. Do not fully control his study time, method and daily routine. Give him some space.

Do Not Forget To Encourage

As  a parent, you must encourage your child for every small and big effort he makes towards his study. Do not focus on the result, praise his hard work and effort. For example, if your child prepares his project, but he fails to get good marks. Avoid commenting negatively, in fact, you should praise him and encourage him to do better next time.

Do Not Punish

You should avoid punishing your child as punishment does not help your child anyway. Children always give better results on the academic front if their parents recognize and focus on their smarter skills and area. Try making effective strategies in order to help your child rather than punishing him.

Avoid Being Negative

Do not be negative or angry while working on a project with your child or while helping them to complete their homework. Remember, anger and negativity lead your child to lose his concentration and get lower grades in school. Be calm and quiet while talking to your kid.

Avoid Focusing On Failure

Rather than speaking about failure and finding ways to avoid the same, you should talk about success and ways to find success in any aspect related to his study and life. It will get his mind motivated towards better result than concentrating on past failures.

Do Not Discuss Inborn Weak points or abilities

Avoid discussing your child’s innate abilities like cognitive skills, mind and intelligence as it can affect his educational success. Remember, the only thing that is responsible for making your child successful include his disciplined attitude and willpower.

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Extracurricular Activities For Middle School Program

Extracurricular activities offer lots of health and mental benefits to the children studying in middle school programs. According to several reports, when the kids take part in creative extracurricular activities, they also do better on the academic front. They have a better chance to be successful on every front of life for life long. By encouraging your kids to participate in these extracurricular activities, you can motivate them to grow a unique skill set. Here are some activities that should be included in Middle school program:

Music and Acting

In a number of middle schools, there are active groups for music and acting. These groups provide opportunities for students to showcase their musical or dancing skills. Performing on stage can help students to build up their confidence. In a musical show or drama, kids can also take part by assisting with backstage tasks like set design, costumes and direction.


Sports can be fun and a unique way to develop athletic skills and boost the endurance in your children. Both teachers and parents must focus on the sports topic too, as it can provide your children a number of opportunities for their career. Let the kid choose his favorite game and participate in the same. Possible opportunities are available in these sports like football, basketball, track and field, baseball, softball, volleyball, golf, wrestling and bowling.

Robotics Club

Most kids find Robots very exciting and fun. Encourage your kids to participate in Robotics club in their Middle school program. Students who connect with these clubs may get a chance to work as a group to plan and make a robot. Every person in the team will have particular responsibilities through the design and building phases, with everybody functioning together to generate a complete and refined outcome.

The Primanti Montessori School in Whittier, CA is providing effective learning programs for children. These programs include Whittier preschool, infant and toddler day care program, elementary program, middle school program and summer program.

Why Outdoor Activities are Important for kids


Now a days, technology effects can be easily seen in the lives of children. They are spending time on mobile games, watching television and playing video games. Technology is being used even in the classrooms to educate them. In present scenario, it is very important to make our kids realize the value of nature and its beauty. Outdoor activities are a helpful way to let your kids be around the nature and amazing scenes. Here are a few reasons, every teacher and parent must encourage kids to participate in outdoor activities.

Improved communication skills

By taking part in outdoor activities, kids get a chance to interact with other kids of similar age group, it helps them to get better social skills. During outdoor activities, kids experience any certain difficult situation, that enable them to grow effective problem solving skills. Whittier school takes proper care for this aspect.

No Stress

Education for kids is not the same as earlier, thus kids are more stressed and worried about their studies. By spending some time in outdoor activities around the nature, kids will get some relaxation for their mind and soul. Nature is the best medicine for stress so they can avoid daily strain. Playing in outdoors in the green atmosphere will help your kids to get better relaxation.

Nature Admiration

Your kid cannot feel the magic of nature until he spend some time with it. The early morning view, colorful rainbow, varieties of birds and many more, give your child a boost in mood. However, they have to make an effort for the same. Playing outdoor games can be helpful for them to know the value of nature. Most Whittier schools pay attention to motivate their students spend time in nature.

Better Immune System

When children spend their time close to nature, they are less inclined to develop infection and allergies. In addition, getting sufficient amount of sun rays are helpful in increasing the level  of  vitamin D which can provide improved cardiovascular strength and sturdier bones.

So above are some reasons that you must encourage your kids to spend time in nature. Primanti Montessori school is such a reputed school for Whittier Toddler that provides high quality education with great fun activities for children.

Fun and Informative Preschool Activities For Kids

Getting your kid interested in preschool activities can be quite a difficult task for some teachers and parents. Preschools near Whittier encourage kids to be inventive and knowledgeable about the world. These creative tricks provide several learning opportunities for your children. Here are a few ideas for Montessori kindergarten activities:



Story Class

Young kids love listening to interesting stories rather than reading on their own. Telling stories in Preschool class can be fun and informative. Teachers can make this activity more interesting by involving images and objects while narrating stories to kids. You can also include activities like making creative objects using clay and dough. Preschool Whittier also uses particular toys as tale characters making the procedure more attention-grabbing.

Nature Introduction

This kind of activity is about knowing our surroundings and nature. Kids in Montessori kindergarten are motivated to know the important aspects about nature. Teachers take the children’s group to Zoos. Kids learn to interact with friendly birds and animals. They also learn several things about nature and its impact on human lives. In some schools, aquariums are also kept in classrooms to encourage kids about pets.

Jovial Activities

Kids are encouraged to participate and learn about their festivals and traditions through festive activities. Preschools perform tricks according to some particular festivals  including Christmas, Krishna Janmashtami, Easter and many others. These activities help children to learn about their culture and historical events, great men and women from ancient times. Activities such as adorning the Christmas Tree or participating in the Fancy Dress competition as Lord Krishna help them to understand their culture.

The preschool kids study lots of lessons like nature, creativity, culture and more. Montessori Kindergarten schools are known for growing overall personality of children and these activities are vital part of their program. Apart from these activities, they also organize summer special programs where kids learn sports and other courses such as swimming, playing guitar, music, art, language and other activities.

Primanti Montessori school in Whittier is such a popular school in LA that focus on overall development of their students rather than concentrating only on academic level.

A Montessori Nursery School Makes For a Better Experience

Every parent wants his kid to get best schooling possible. They send their children either to a public school or in a private school. Now a day’s private school is on the top of the wish list of preferred schooling methods for parents. Private schools and their Montessori methods are grabbing the attention because of their better education system that focuses on customized teaching rather than applying the same methods and curriculums for every child.

Importance of Montessori methods in a private Montessori School

Each child has different level of learning style, personality, talent and capabilities. Montessori teaching system encourages a confident attitude towards knowledge by inspiring kids to ask interesting queries. When they are enrolled in a private school with Montessori approach, students are inspired to study through exploration.

In Montessori method, classrooms are planned to have learning system for different ages at one time and school inspires individual and social progress. Teachers provide both small groups and individual lessons according to the need. Classrooms have educational materials, work areas and other creative objects to help children learn in practical way. The major viewpoint of this system is to make a kid live responsibly with confidence and self-respect. Children get better curiosity level, in-depth knowledge and positive attitude towards life.